Top Tips for Keeping Everyone Safe and Happy…
Comedian Danny Sutcliffe performing in a garden photographed by Craige Barker

This Saturday we held the first ever Garden Fringe show!

It was pretty awesome to get four brilliant stand-ups in front of a real life audience. Everyone was really happy to be out, enjoying a show together (socially distanced) and the artists got such a buzz from finally performing in front of actual people again!

We learnt a few things in the planning and staging of this first show which we thought would be useful for others planning to host an event in their garden.

Top Tips for Keeping Everyone Safe and Happy…

  • Have hand sanitiser available everywhere.
  • Get people to bring their own chairs.
  • Instead of handling money all tickets are sold in advance (via this website).
  • If you are selling drinks an honesty bar works really well and means you can put a tin out for the money so no cash is changing hands.
  • Toilets – if you’ve hired a portable toilet set a reminder on your phone to tip it out every hour otherwise it will overflow and that’s unpleasant.
  • Let your neighbours know what is going on. “My neighbours were really lovely about it and watched from their garden but their kids kept getting out of bed and running outside to see what was happening.”
  • People will probably forget to take their chairs home with them so you may have to organise collections.
  • Car parking – People will need to park near your house, make sure they are aware of any parking restrictions and maybe take reg numbers in case a car is left.
  • If you’re using solar lights they need a good 24 hours before they will start working!
  • Have an ice bucket or bin if you’re selling drinks (warm wine is not very nice)
  • If you can get hold of a gazebo / some kind of covering in case of rain, do! Audiences will be encouraged to come prepared for wet / chilly weather too.

Photograph: Danny Sutcliffe performing at Zena’s Garden on 18 July 2020. Photograph by Craige Barker